Debate Team Beats Record

The Arkansas Tech debate team beat its own record last weekend at the March Madness Match-Up in Springdale.

For the first time, the group won an overall sweepstakes trophy. They also placed second in the tournament. A total of twelve trophies were presented to Arkansas Tech students.

Eleven members of the team participated. Competitors were Seth Fendley, Chantel Moseby, Ashley Andrews, Hunter Rogers, Annie George, David Tuttle, Dustin Jackson, Sarah Plummer, Cheyenne Walls, Matt Singleton, and Zac Perry. Emily Jenkins and Sydney Grimes assisted in case preparation and judging debate rounds.

In the team division, Chantel Moseby and Hunter Rogers advanced to the quarterfinals, and Ashley Andrews and Matt Singleton placed second.

In the novice division, Chantel Moseby advanced to the octofinal round, Hunter Rogers and Ashley Andrews advanced to the quarterfinal round, Dustin Jackson advanced to the semifinal round, and Seth Fendley won first place.

Additionally, the team brought home two speaker awards. The fifth place overall speaker award went to Annie George, and Chantel Moseby was the second place overall speaker at the tournament.

This was the debate team’s fifth tournament. Later this month, the group will debate in the final tournament of the regular season at the End of Hi-Bear-Nation Debate Tournament in Conway.

For more information about the debate team, contact Dr. Gabriel Adkins, director of Arkansas Tech debate and forensics, at

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