Criminal Justice Students Learn from Speaker

Dr. Jason Ulsperger’s criminal justice students are learning from industry professionals during their time in the classroom.

Arkansas Tech alum Scott Savage, of Action Bail Bonds, recently spoke to the Introduction to Criminal Justice class.

Savage presented details about bail procedures, issuing bonds, tracking fugitives and provided a legal analysis of bounty hunting.

Additionally, Savage discussed the importance of issuing bail bonds to keep costs associated with the criminal justice system low.

“Once an accused person is released, we do not have to pay the price to incarcerate them. In the long run, this saves the taxpayers money,” Savage said.

Ulsperger said he was pleased Savage chose to break down the stereotypes associated with bail bonds based from reality shows on TV. “It is wonderful to have people with actual criminal justice experience speak to students. Anytime someone can paint an accurate picture of what really goes on, I appreciate it.”