Course Shows ATU Students the Path to Prosperity

Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey is the creator of the Foundations in Personal Finance course being offered at Arkansas Tech University.

Arkansas Tech University students have a new resource in developing the financial literacy skills necessary to pursue a secure future.

The ATU Department of Campus Life is making the college edition of Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum available to Arkansas Tech undergraduate students at no charge.

The program is being offered as part of the ATU Department of Campus Life On Track program on the focus on finance track.

“We pride ourselves on the outside of class curriculum that we offer, and On Track is a big part of that,” said Kevin Solomon, ATU associate dean for campus life. “On Track is essentially a syllabus for life and success after graduation. Programs such as this new offering in personal finance provide skills that students may not otherwise know they need until later in life.”

Eligible ATU students who participate in the Foundations in Personal Finance course will learn about savings, budget, debt, college student financial essentials and the roles of family, friends and philanthropy.

The approximate time commitment to complete the program is between 10 and 15 hours. Eligible ATU students may register for Foundations in Personal Finance at through noon on Monday, Feb. 8. Those meeting the registration deadline will have until Monday, April 26, to complete the course.  

“This program is equally applicable to freshmen, seniors or anyone in between,” said Solomon. “Completing this course can make early adult transitions less daunting and put students on a path toward lifelong prosperity.”

Arkansas Tech students seeking more information about the Foundations in Personal Finance course may send e-mail to Jamison Hale, ATU graduate assistant for campus life, at

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