Constitution Day is Underway


Arkansas Tech students ventured out today to educate Russellville students about the U.S. Constitution. At Dwight Elementary and Russellville Junior High, students learned why the Constitution is important and why we celebrate its existence.

Student volunteers started off the morning with 4th graders at Dwight Elementary. The children were asked to brainstorm what rights they would add to the Bill of Rights. Consensus agreed on “the right to no homework” and “the right to shorter school hours.”

Following the “Rights” brainstorm, they looked at a PowerPoint presentation exhibiting photos of the White House, our forefathers, court rooms and the American flag. Every student then had the opportunity to sign a banner to be displayed Monday.

Each student was given stickers and a Constitution-themed coloring book for their participation.

Russellville Junior High students received a pocket Constitution and participated in games through which they learned about piecing together the Constitution, the government branches and Constitution trivia.

Click here to see photos from the schools.

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