Color Guard and Majorettes Announced

The Arkansas Tech University Band of Distinction has announced the students who will serve as leaders of the band during the 2010-11 academic year.  Saturday morning, students auditioned for color guard and majorette positions for the upcoming year.

In all, 19 students were selected for various positions in the Arkansas Tech University Band of Distinction.

Color Guard:

  • Melissa Spaunhurst– co-captain
  • Amy Sheets– assistant
  • Jessica Betterton
  • Lea Canady
  • Natalie Royal
  • Tory Paul
  • Marla Ahrens
  • Ashley Fickle
  • JoAnna Evans
  • Courtney Fisher
  • Retha Smith
  • Kim Hardcastle
  • Sarah Vories
  • Taylor Tillman


  • Molly Walker– captain
  • Kyndra Hicks
  • Rebecca Kesner
  • Katherine Boyd
  • Audra Thomas