Cohort Two Presents Its Innovation Projects

Members of Leadership Tech cohort two have completed their two-year course by submitting plans for innovation projects designed to support the strategic plan of Arkansas Tech University.

The innovation projects are the focus of year two of the two-year Leadership Tech program. Five teams consisting of Leadership Tech cohort two members presented their project concepts and results to an audience that included members of the ATU executive council on Thursday, April 4.

“The graduates of Leadership Tech cohort two are to be congratulated for their application of a critical question — what if? — to create projects that take innovative, collaborative approaches to opportunities we have for improvement at Arkansas Tech University,” said ATU Chief of Staff Dr. Mary B. Gunter, who guided the members of Leadership Tech cohort two on their journey. “The results of their efforts are projects that are making and will continue to make a genuine contribution to fulfilling the promise of our institutional strategic plan, mission statement and vision statement.”

Below are the innovation projects conceived by Leadership Tech cohort two and an executive summary of each:

Fight on 1013 for Athletes

Members: Tim Carter, Sandy Cheffer, Kim DuVall Renteria, Efosa Idemundia, Sam Strasner, Abby Davis

Purpose: The goals of Fight On 1013 are providing student-athletes with access to information that will assist in their academic persistence and increasing collaboration across athletic teams to facilitate a stronger support network for all student-athletes and thus greater student success. Auxiliary benefits include stronger connections with the community and to serve as a model for the benefits of co-curricular and high impact educational practices.

Financial Literacy App (Tech Cents)

Members: Johnette Moody, Thomas Nupp, Clay Wyllia, Heather Taylor

Purpose: To improve student retention and success by improving student and parent financial literacy. This app will include links to the National Student Loan Database and the student’s balance at Arkansas Tech. Information about the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, money basics, OneTech, student aid and scholarships at ATU and will be accessible to both current students and students hoping to become part of the Tech family.

Ozark Campus Pantry

Members: Sean Huss, Angela Crow, Sandy Smith, David Spicer

Purpose: To create more support for students, which may increase retention and completion by easing limits to their existing resources; increase campus engagement among students, faculty and staff; and enhance the links to the community through food drives and exchanges of food between campus pantry and community pantries.

Community Leadership Directory

Members: Kevin Solomon, Patrick Hagge, Jennifer Fleming, Angela Black, Greg Crouch, Linda Bean

Purpose: To create an annual publication that lists employee involvement with the community and the region, distribute the publication to appropriate stakeholders and train and educate others on the proper use of this publication. The directory is designed to showcase the leadership and involvement the faculty and staff of ATU has in the community.

Peer Mentor Training

Members: Pete Kelly, Pete Clifton, Amanda Johnson, LouAnn Reeves, Linda Henson-Jackson, Jeff Robertson

Purpose: To create peer mentor training composed of Blackboard modules for any department or program to utilize on the Russellville and Ozark campuses. Training will equip and empower students to inspire and guide new students. The training will support the efforts of the faculty and staff who are developing the fledgling peer mentoring program, as well as existing student support/peer helpers on campus.