Celebrate Valentine's Day Early at Williamson Hall

Those looking to include a gourmet meal as part of the festivities leading up to Valentine’s Day will be able to take part in a hospitality dinner on Thursday evening.

Arkansas Tech University Hospitality Program students will prepare a Valentine’s Day-themed dinner on Thursday at the Williamson Hall Dining Room.

The meal will begin with an appetizer consisting of calamari and marinara sauce.  Guests will then enjoy Maryland crab and sweet corn chowder soup.

The main course will include grilled salmon with a lemon-caper sauce and shrimp skewers.  Rice pilaf, steamed broccoli and sautéed red and yellow peppers will accompany the main course.

Dessert for the evening meal will feature an ice cream brownie parfait.

The cost to attend the dinner is $20.95 per person, and reserved seating times are available from 6-7 p.m.

All gratuities from the hospitality program meals are donated to the Walters-Williams Scholarship.

To reserve a table at the dinner, call 479-968-0378.