Bullock Earns NASA Summer Fellowship

Dr. Daniel Bullock, associate professor of electrical engineering at Arkansas Tech University, has been selected as a faculty fellow in the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Faculty Fellowship program for summer 2016.

During the 10-week fellowship, Bullock will work with NASA engineers to develop a satellite that will eventually rendezvous with a near Earth asteroid. His team will attempt to contribute to a greater knowledge of the asteroids as part of NASA’s long-term goal of sending a manned mission to explore the objects.

“I hope that I can bring back some portion of the project to use for the electrical engineering senior design capstone course,” said Bullock. “I also want to learn more about the NASA design process and be able to share that with our engineering students.”

Bullock will have an opportunity to work with the near Earth asteroids scout flight system, a small robotic satellite-like device that weighs less than 30 pounds. The unit includes cameras and electronic detectors that relay data back to Earth.

A 1997 graduate of Arkansas Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics, Bullock earned a Master of Science degree in applied physics (2000) and Doctor of Philosophy degree in physics (2001) from the University of Arkansas.

He returned home to Russellville as a member of the Arkansas Tech faculty in 2003. Bullock focused his teaching efforts in physics for more than six years before becoming a member of the Department of Electrical Engineering in 2010. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering in 2011.

Bullock was the 2012 recipient of the Arkansas Tech Faculty Award of Excellence in the scholarship and creative activity category.

After 15 months as a senior field process engineer in private industry, Bullock returned to the Arkansas Tech faculty in January 2014.

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