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'Book Buyback' a huge success

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ozark_book_buyback_spring2012During its “Book Buyback” May3-9, the Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus Bookstore purchased a total of 1,187 books from students, giving them an average of $49.65 per book.

Bookstore Manager Mitzi Reano said 998 books of the books purchased will be resold from the Ozark Campus store. Also, the average transaction was $91.43 per student.

“Our goal in the Bookstore is to purchase as many books as possible, not only to put money in the pockets of our students, but also to provide them with a lower cost selection in the future,” she said.

“On average, our system is set up to pay 50 percent of the purchase cost of the book to the student. If the book was purchased new, the student will receive half of that price. If it was purchased used, the same applies.

“The difference between the Ozark Campus Bookstore and the competition is that we use a system that is more equitable to the students. With very few exceptions, so long as the text has been adopted in the upcoming semesters, we will buy it until we reach the needed quota.”