Bogue sci-fi book signing Nov. 14

Scary Monsters Magazine; G-FAN; Castle of Frankenstein; Wonder, Space & Time; and Daikaiju! 3: Giant Monsters vs. the World. In “Atomic Drive-In,” which features cover art by graphic artist Todd Tennant, “a world-bridging ’57 Chevy whisks friends Brent Sanders and Jerry Mahon to a nuke-ravaged USA, circa 1962,” Bogue said. “There, Brent and Jerry join the patrons of a drive-in movie theatre to wage nightly combat against gigantic mutant monsters.” Award-winning fantasy writer Robert Hood said, “As a paean to the pulp-age of genre cinema, Bogue’s novella nails the tone and themes with ease, creating a joyful cocktail of cars, heroes and heroines, monsters and post-apocalyptic survival, existing under a cloud of nuclear fallout and imminent doom.” In addition, “Atomic Drive-In” includes five short stories ranging in subject from Japanese monster infestation to Frankenstein’s Monster at Christmas.