BLOG: Students Volunteer in New Orleans


Friday 8:00 a.m..– The students participating in this year’s spring break trip spent Thursday touring various parts of New Orleans.  Thursday morning the students toured part of the city and went to The Gumbo Shop for a traditional New Orleans lunch.  After lunch, the students toured the French Quarter area of New Orleans, and they also had time to do some shopping.

Katie Uttich, graduate assistant, said the students enjoyed seeing the city.  Uttich says touring New Orleans gives the students a better understanding of the city and helps them see the impact they have made over the past few days.  Be sure to log back on for the latest on what the students are doing.

Thursday 8:00 a.m.– On Wednesday the group finished painting the house they have been working on since arriving in New Orleans.  Uttich says they then went to a new home and “helped clean up and paint the exterior and porch area of the house.”

Uttich says the group works well as a team, and many of the students participating have formed a close bond.  She adds, “The students have expressed feeling really lucky to be able to come down here and lend help to these people.”

On Thursday, the group plans to see various parts of the city.  Be sure to log back on for more on what the students have been doing.

Tuesday 5:35 p.m.– The students are just returning from the second day of work in New Orleans.  Katie Uttich, graduate assistant, says today the students worked toward finishing painting the home.

The students applied a second coat of paint throughout the home, and they also painted the ceiling.  She added, “It was a great experience for our group.  They could really tell the house was starting to look complete, and they were excited about that.”

Uttich says there is a kitchen where they are staying, and the students are preparing their own meals each evening.  She says it’s nice to be in a facility where the students can eat and discuss the day’s events, and she believes that would not happen if the group was going to a different restaurant each evening.

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Monday 5:12 p.m.– The students are just returning from their first day on the job site, and they were working on interior painting at a home in New Orleans.

Katie Uttich, graduate assistant, says the students have been painting at the home of a World War II veteran.  She adds, “The best part today was meeting the owner of the home.  We got the opportunity to visit with him, and this was actually the first time he had visited the area in quite some time.”

Uttich says the man has owned the home for the past 20 years.

Following the day’s work, Uttich says the students are going to Creole Creamery this evening for ice cream.

The students left Russellville on Sunday, and they arrived in New Orleans last night. Read more about the trip.

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