Bean Takes On Leadership of Faculty Senate

Dr. Linda Bean is probably best known around the Arkansas Tech University campus for her advisor’s role with the award-winning Students In Free Enterprise organization, but this fall she accepted an additional leadership position.

Bean, associate professor of business in the Arkansas Tech College of Business, is serving as president of the Arkansas Tech Faculty Senate during the 2010-11 academic year.

“The first word that comes to my mind when I think of the faculty senate is support,” said Bean. “We are a multi-functional support group that represents the faculty across all colleges. We are concerned with faculty concerns and academic concerns. We look at all aspects of curriculum and the campus overall.”

Bean holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arkansas Tech. She went on to earn a Master of Science degree from the University of Central Arkansas and a Doctor of Education degree from Oklahoma State University.

She returned to her alma mater to serve on the Tech faculty in 2000. She received a 2007 Faculty Award of Excellence in the teaching category and a 2009 Faculty Award of Excellence in the service category.

A past recipient of the student organization advisor of the year award at Arkansas Tech, Bean was honored in 2008 by the Southern Business Education Association with its collegiate teacher of the year award.

“I think my parents demonstrated to us a certain work ethic and attitude,” said Bean. “I am not an 8-to-4 person. I’m there for the whole show. I want what’s good for students and good for faculty, so I’ve got to be there and be involved. It takes time and some vitamins.”

Bean’s most pressing project concerning the faculty senate reveals that while the work is not always glamorous, it does make a difference for faculty members.

“A group of us is working on revisions to the faculty handbook that will make it easier for new faculty to understand the procedure for gaining promotion and tenure,” said Bean. “We want to make it better so that those new faculty members have better information to work with.”