Battle of the Halls Results

Students living in residence halls at Arkansas Tech are competing against other hall residents throughout the week in hopes of becoming the Battle of the Halls champion.

Residence Hall Association officials says all the residence halls are doing a great job in this year’s competition. The competition resumes Wednesday afternoon with Messy Olympics.

Students are also able to earn points for their hall by donating blood through the SGA blood drive.  Read more about that

Below are the competition results that have been released so far. 

Skit and Crest Presentation:

1.  Nutt

2.  Jones

3.  Caraway

Spirit at Opening Ceremony:

1.  Caraway

2.  Jones

3.  Nutt and Paine (tie)

Kickball (Female residence hall bracket):

1. Jones

2. Caraway

Kickball (Male residence hall bracket):

1. Brown

2. Paine

3. Roush

4. University Commons/ Stadium Suites

Be sure to log back on throughout the week to see the latest competition results.