Sutton Honored at Baswell Techionery

Arkansas Tech University held a ceremony on Friday, Feb. 3, to name the great room on the first floor of Baswell Techionery in honor of former Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees member Janice Sutton of Mountain View.  “Mrs. Sutton helped guide the university through a time of transition,” said Arkansas Tech President Dr. Robert C. Brown (photographed, left). “Her leadership and her statesmanship set the stage for the Arkansas Tech we see today. We thank Mrs. Sutton for her service, generosity and friendship to her alma mater over a period of many years.” Sutton (photographed, right), a 1963 graduate of Arkansas Tech, served on the Tech Board of Trustees from 1987-2000. “On an occasion like this, the memories start flooding back,” said Sutton, who was joined at the ceremony by her husband, Kenneth. “I arrived at Arkansas Tech in 1960 with every intention of getting my feet wet and moving on, but that’s not the way it worked out. Once you get here, you just can’t leave. All you have to do is look around this place to see the accomplishments and improvements that have taken place here in recent years. I will be forever proud to say that my degree came from Arkansas Tech.” Baswell Techionery opened in fall 2011. It provides Arkansas Tech students, faculty, staff and visitors with dining options such as Chick-fil-A Express and Which Wich.

There are meeting rooms for student organizations on the second floor of the $4.4 million facility, which is named for 1942 Arkansas Tech graduate Col. Carl Franklin Baswell.