Bank of the Ozarks Announces New Program

Bank of the Ozarks, Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus and the Ozark School District will soon begin an educational partnership that will allow high school students to obtain concurrent college credit while gaining a career pathway in the banking industry.

Facilitated through Bank of the Ozarks’ Kennith Smith Operations Center, the partnership’s training program will offer business banking courses at the junior and senior level at Ozark High School. Students completing the program can earn up to 12 hours of college credit through ATU-Ozark Campus.

Participants will gain entry-level banking operations skills relevant to the occupational skills required at Bank of the Ozarks’ Operations Center.

“This program truly represents a progressive partnership with our local public school, a higher education entity and a work training component which is necessary to supply and support the staffing of a major local industry as the Bank of the Ozarks,” said ATU-Ozark Chancellor Bruce Sikes. “We are appreciative of the leadership of Bank of the Ozarks, the Ozark Public Schools and Dr. Mike Murders, ATU-Ozark chief academic officer, for designing an innovative pathway to local, high-demand jobs.”

Students who complete the program’s banking courses during the junior and/or senior year may then enter into the summer training phase at Bank of the Ozarks’ Operations Center in Ozark. The summer program consists of approximately eight weeks of paid training.

Graduates of the training program may continue on the pathway by earning a two-year degree through ATU-Ozark and a four-year degree through Arkansas Tech University’s Russellville location.

“The partnership’s program provides up-to-date industry training and encourages high school students to consider a career in banking,” said Murders. “The program also serves to assist students in their pursuit of a college degree, lowering their cost to attend. We extend our sincere appreciation to our partners at Bank of the Ozarks and to Ozark Principal Jordan Price for making this remarkable opportunity available to students in our community.”