ATU Students Present Research at State Capitol

Morganne Browning State Capitol February 2023
Morganne Browning was among the Arkansas Tech University students who represented the institution during Arkansas STEM Posters at the Capitol in February 2023.

Biology and computer science students from Arkansas Tech University were among approximately 70 university students from around the state who participated in 2023 Arkansas STEM Posters at the Capitol in February.

“Undergraduate and graduate students from ATU were very excited to present their research and interact with the audience from diverse backgrounds,” said Dr. Suparna Chatterjee, ATU assistant professor of biology. “The interactions motivated students to continue and develop their research skills, and educators to implement steps and insights on strengthening the STEM research at ATU. We want to develop a focused, strategic and coordinated program ensuring access to resources and best practices for students which will lead to student success and change across the institution.”

The annual event brings undergraduate students together to share their scientific findings with their peers at other universities, legislators and state officials. Eleven institutions of higher learning were represented this year.

“This conference provided a unique opportunity for the students to immerse themselves in the latest advancements and developments in STEM fields,” said Dr. Robin Ghosh, ATU assistant professor of computer and information science.

Below are the project titles, student participants and faculty mentors from the ATU delegation at 2023 Arkansas STEM Posters at the Capitol in Little Rock:

*Crime Prediction Using Machine Learning-The Case of the City of Little Rock; Zurab Sabakhtarishvili, Clayton Jensen and Sijan Panday; Dr. Robin Ghosh, faculty mentor.

*Programming Sequence Improvement Program; Musfikur Rahaman, Rebecca Cunningham, Dr. Indira Dutta and Dr. Tolga Ensari; Dr. Robin Ghosh, faculty mentor.

*Elucidating the Role of Tsh and CtBP Interaction on Drosophila Eye Development; Raven Newton, Harley Hines and Hannah Lomax; Dr. Surya Jyoti Banerjee, faculty mentor.

*Inducing Bacterial Mutation for Metal Removal Efficiency; Morganne Browning, Raven Turner, Kayla Medina and Erika Avalos-Reyes; Dr. Suparna Chatterjee, faculty mentor.

*Fake Profile Detection on Social Media Using Generative Adversarial Networks; Edidiong Akpan; Dr. Indira Dutta, faculty mentor.