ATU Students Commended for Research Projects

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Arkansas Tech University students at the undergraduate and graduate levels were recognized for excellence in research following symposiums hosted on campus in April.

Award winners and their research topics are listed below.

Graduate Research Symposium

  • First Place – Carice Godbey, “Influences of Interior Lest Tern (Sternula antillarum) Colony Success: Site Features, Disturbances and Predation”
  • Second Place – Araks Ohanyan, “Winter Habitat Use of Rust Blackbirds (Euphagus carolinus) in Arkansas”
  • Third Place – Callie Townsend, “How COVID-19 Has Affected First Year Students’ Feelings of Mattering on a College Campus”

Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • First Place – Spencer Parnell and Jordan Gober, “From Invitro Lead to Invivo Treatment for Neuroinflammation”
  • Second Place – Boon Ruston, “Distribution of Oak Species in Arkansas and Local Assembly Processes”
  • Third Place – Andres Dewendt Urdaneta, “EHE Dream Challenge COVID-19: A Machine Learning-Based Approach to Assist COVID-19 Diagnosis Using Electronic Health Record”

Kedran Young earned an honorable mention commendation for his undergraduate research project entitled “An Improved Estimation Method for the Binomial Probability Under Restricted Parameter Space with a Major League Baseball Data Application.”

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