ATU Signs MOU With University From Mexico

Arkansas Tech University and Universidad Tecnologica de Matamoros of Mexico have entered into an agreement that establishes a formal educational partnership between the two universities.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by Dr. Robin E. Bowen, ATU president, and Dr. Gloria Ivett Bermea Vázquez, rector for UTM.

Additional parties present for the signing included Rodolfo Quilantan Arenas, head of post for the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, and Dr. Héctor Escobar Salazar, secretary of education of the government of Tamaulipas in Mexico.

Provisions outlined in the memorandum include:

  • collaboration to identify and establish innovative and effective solutions to challenges facing the regional/respective state’s economies; area businesses; government regulators and academic institutions in the areas of interest and competence for both institutions.
  • development and maintenance of open communications between both institutions to affect projects, training and/or agreements to the benefit of both institutions. This may include methods for reporting discernable progress, effective practices, strategic changes, mutual agreements and methods for the support and resolution of issues/matters of disagreement.
  • where permitted by law, sharing resources, to the extent practicable, that will further the mutual objectives of the two institutions and any other parties involved. This may include such items as equipment, informational materials, management expertise, class/courses and other specific technological knowledge.
  • pursuit of additional resources that will improve the effectiveness of individual and joint efforts, and provide reasonable support to one another in the acquisitions of resources.
  • supporting each other’s efforts to improve the quality and access of programming, introduce streamlined services and eliminate duplication of efforts.
  • building relationship with other institutions and organizations that might aid individual and joint efforts.

The memorandum of understanding also establishes a framework by which ATU and UTM may create specific agreements for any special projects developed in support of the partnership between the two institutions.