ATU Receives IME Becas Scholarship Funds

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The Consulate of Mexico in Little Rock and Arkansas Tech University are continuing a collaboration for the benefit of ATU students of Mexican heritage.

Under the terms of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), ATU will receive $8,250 in IME Becas Fellowship scholarship funds that will be disbursed to selected eligible students who are Mexican or of Mexican origin and enrolled at Arkansas Tech for fall 2021. The maximum award per student is $2,000. Funds may be used by the selected students for tuition, fees and study materials such as textbooks.

The ATU Foundation will provide $8,250 in matching funds to further support ATU students benefiting from the scholarship program.

The MOU was signed by Rodolfo Quilantán Arenas, consul of Mexico, and Dr. Robin E. Bowen, ATU president.

“These funds will assist us as we continue to recruit, retain and graduate a diverse student body equipped with the skills necessary to build a stronger state, nation and world,” said Bowen. “Arkansas Tech University extends its sincere appreciation to the Consulate of Mexico in Little Rock for its continued partnership in providing scholarship opportunities for our students.”

The IME Becas partnership between the Consulate of Mexico in Little Rock and Arkansas Tech dates back to 2016. The program was created by Mexico in 2005 to contribute to the education and improvement of individuals of Mexican origin living in the United States.

IME Becas Fellowship scholarships are awarded competitively based on academic achievement and financial need. Applicants for the fellowship must be Mexican or of Mexican origin to qualify, and they must not be eligible for any other type of financial aid.

The number of Hispanic students at Arkansas Tech has increased by 132 percent over the past decade. There were 992 Hispanic students enrolled at ATU for the fall 2020 semester. In all, 24.7 percent of Arkansas Tech students are from minority groups.

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