ATU-Ozark to Enhance Walking Trail This Fall

The walking trail at Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus will soon have a new look and feel due to grant funding from the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

ATU-Ozark was granted $143,000 to rehabilitate and complete the walking trail around the campus property. The ATU Board of Trustees subsequently approved a 20 percent grant match and operational funding to support the architect and engineering fees associated with the project design and trail rehabilitation. The project plans were designed by Crafton Tull and approved by the Arkansas Department of Transportation in spring 2020.

The project was bid on July 7, 2020. Crafton Tull supervised the bidding process to ensure the project met and followed all minimum guidelines as outlined by the Arkansas Department of Transportation for state-approved, grant-funded projects. Curb Time Solutions submitted the lowest competitive bid, met the project qualifications and will proceed with paving the trail.

The original construction of the trail was completed in April 2012. The project was accompanied by a nine-hole disc golf course, which was donated by the ATU-Ozark Class of 2011. The walking trail features resting benches, a reflecting pool with a fountain and lighting.