ATU Earns Recognition for Civic Engagement Program

Arkansas Tech University Campus Entrance Russellville

Arkansas Tech University is among 394 colleges and universities in the United States that qualified as a 2022 All In Most Engaged Campus for college student voting.

ATU earned the recognition by participating in the All In Campus Challenge and developing and enacting a civic engagement plan.

The All In Campus Challenge is a national non-partisan initiative of Civic Nation. The challenge strives to change civic culture and institutionalize voter engagement activities and programs on college campuses, making voter participation a defining feature of campus life.

“Our staff and student leaders worked very hard to ensure the Arkansas Tech University community was aware of its right to vote and had access to do so during the 2022 election season,” said Dr. Keegan Nichols, ATU vice president for student affairs. “I am grateful to Megan Bell, ATU coordinator of civic and community engagement and leadership development, and Chelsea Neal, ATU associate dean for campus life and student union, for their commitment to this program and so many other initiatives that help ATU produce graduates who understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens.”

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