ATU Adopts Zero Increase in Tuition, Mandatory Fees

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Tuition and mandatory fees at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville will maintain their current level for the 2024-25 academic year.

The ATU Board of Trustees approved a proposal on Thursday, April 18, that will keep in-state, undergraduate tuition at $249.78 per student semester credit hour and in-state, graduate tuition at $314.50 per student semester credit hour with zero increase as compared to the 2023-24 academic year. Undergraduate and graduate mandatory fees at ATU in Russellville will remain $82.63 per student semester credit hour in 2024-25.

In addition, there will be zero increase in residence hall rates for on-campus Arkansas Tech students in 2024-25.

“It is important that Arkansas Tech University maintain its position as an affordable educational option for the people we serve,” said Dr. Russell Jones, ATU interim president. “Access is an integral aspect of our mission. It is our hope that by focusing on quality and affordability we can ensure that the life-changing effects of an Arkansas Tech education remain within reach for families across our state and beyond.”

As part of the same agenda item, the ATU Board of Trustees approved a revised schedule of course-related fees for non-general education, undergraduate courses on the Russellville campus, a policy that would waive out-of-state, non-resident undergraduate tuition rates down to equal the in-state, resident rate for any student who enrolls with a 2.25 grade point average or higher and a $20 per student, per course administrative fee for high school students enrolled in concurrent programs through Arkansas Tech.