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Arkansas Tech Upward Bound Grants Renewed

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Arkansas Tech University has received notification that its grants to administer both the Upward Bound Math and Science Project and the Upward Bound Classic Project have been renewed for an additional five years.

Each grant is $250,000 per year for five years.  The Upward Bound program is under the umbrella of TRIO, a federal initiative created in 1965 to overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education.

Arkansas Tech has been approved to continue its programs through 2017.  The funds will allow Arkansas Tech to continue providing services to area high school students to help the students prepare for success in college.

Students selected for the program must meet income guidelines as set by the federal government and/or be a potential first-generation college student.

Those taking part in the programs have access to after-school tutoring and various cultural programs throughout the year.  Additionally, each summer the students take part in a summer academy where they take classes to prepare for the upcoming year.

Jill Hendricks, program director, said she was thrilled to receive news the programs at Arkansas Tech had been renewed.

“Working with these students, I see the difference this type of program makes in their lives,” said Hendricks.  “I am honored our program was selected for renewal because it will allow Arkansas Tech to continue to help these students prepare for success in college.”

Hendricks says the program also offers life-long benefits for its participants.

“This program really works to help equip students with both the physical and psychological tools they need to find success,” said Hendricks.  “In addition to preparing students for college, the program also helps students learn a variety of life skills that will help them be successful members of the community one day.”

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