Arkansas Tech Renovates Witherspoon Auditorium

Witherspoon Auditorium Renovation as seen in July 2019

One of the most recognizable places at Arkansas Tech University has a new look.

A summer project to renovate Witherspoon Auditorium has resulted in a number of improvements that will enhance the wide variety of events the facility hosts on an annual basis.

The technological aspects of the auditorium were overhauled. A new 335-inch projector screen and a 12,000-lumen laser projector were installed, as were a new sub-woofer and a new sound board to improve audio quality. Four new wireless boosters were added to increase internet access.

From a cosmetic standpoint, layers of wallpaper were removed and fresh paint was applied.

“New flooring and new seating are also additions to the space,” said Sande Mabry, construction director in the ATU Office of Facilities Management. “The organ pipes were cleaned. They are a beautiful piece of artwork and we decided to enhance their look. We embellished the organ case and converted it to a new sound audio booth. In addition, the stage floor was repaired and repainted.”

Witherspoon Auditorium regularly hosts such events as ATU band and choir concerts, the Miss Arkansas Tech University competition and student events such as Tech’s Got Talent.

The auditorium and the building in which it resides are named for Gene “Chief” Witherspoon, who served as director of bands at Arkansas Tech from 1950-79.