Arkansas Tech-Ozark Inclement Weather Policy

Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus is encouraging all students, faculty and staff to review the university inclement weather policy.

In the event of inclement weather, Arkansas Tech-Ozark may be unable to operate its normal schedule. The inclement weather policy details procedures that will be used to notify university personnel and students should the campus be unable to operate due to current weather conditions.

In the event inclement weather, Arkansas Tech University’s President’s Office will determine whether to close campus or enact the inclement weather policy. A decision regarding inclement weather will be announced before 6:30 a.m. if at all possible.

Additionally, in the event the university chooses to close, all university offices will be closed, and classes will be cancelled. When daytime classes are cancelled, night classes are also cancelled.

Some parts of the region experience inclement weather when the immediate Arkansas Tech-Ozark area does not. Even though campus may not be closed in these instances, all faculty, staff and students are advised to use their judgment in determining if the roads are safe to travel.

Arkansas Tech University will notify students and university personnel of inclement weather operations using several local media.

Additionally, all inclement weather closings or delays will be posted on,, the university Facebook page and the university Twitter account. Notifications will also be sent through the Campus Emergency and Outreach Notification system (CEON).

See the complete inclement weather policy.