Faculty, Unclassified Staff to Receive Bonus

The Arkansas Tech University Board of Trustees voted on Thursday to approve a $1,000 bonus for each faculty member and unclassified staff member at the university. The bonus is a one-time payment and will not become a part of any base salary. It will be included as part of the April payroll. David Moseley, senior vice president for administration and finance, reported that sufficient funding is available in current year revenues to provide for the salary bonus.

Click here for more information about the bonus. “On behalf of our faculty and staff, I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to the Board of Trustees for supporting this measure,” said Arkansas Tech President Dr. Robert C. Brown. “When we began this fiscal year, we did so with some trepidation. We were extremely careful in our budgeting process this year due to the state of the economy, but it has turned out to be a good financial year for the university. “The reasons for our good financial position and our ability to provide this bonus are two-fold,” continued Brown. “First is our increase in enrollment. But secondly and of equal importance is the cooperation of our faculty and staff. They have worked very hard to meet their budgets this year. And while this bonus does not take the place of the raises we were not able to fund last summer, it is a token of our appreciation for their hard work to provide our students with the excellent education they deserve.” The $1,000 bonus is for each full-time unclassified faculty and staff member who was on staff as of March 31, 2010. The bonus for part-time employees will be prorated based on percent of full-time equivalent. Grant employees and auxiliary employees are included in the bonus. Adjunct faculty members are not included. The bonus is compliant with all salary guidelines and the provisions of Arkansas Statute 6-63-309.  The Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees also approved a transfer of $286,563 from the unappropriated education and general fund balance to fund two campus improvement projects. First, the Energy Center will be renovated at a cost of $228,987 to suit the educational needs of its new occupants from the Department of Speech, Theatre and Journalism. The transfer of funds approved on Thursday will also pay for landscape and grounds work on the Russellville campus.

The work will include tree removal, topsoil, sod cost and installation as well as sidewalk and storm drain improvement. Estimated cost for that work is $57,576.

In other business on Thursday, the Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees approved:

*a certification of authorization for four officials in the university’s administration and finance operations to perform all necessary and proper banking transactions on behalf of the university;

*a bond issuance in the amount of $1.73 million for the renovation of the Alvin F. Vest Student Union at Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus;

*and four letters of notification that will be forwarded to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education regarding a reorganization of the health information technology program at Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus.