Arkansas Tech Conducts Test of CEON System

Arkansas Tech University conducted a test of its Campus Emergency and Outreach Notification (CEON) system on Wednesday, Jan. 22. The message was only a test for registered CEON users on the main campus in Russellville. Normal operations of the university may continue. The test sent the following notification to the individuals who are registered to receive text message, telephone and e-mail notifications through the CEON system:  ”This is a TEST of the Campus Emergency and Outreach Notification system at Arkansas Tech University. This is only a TEST. No further action is required. Thank you for using the CEON system.” If any student, faculty member of staff member at Arkansas Tech is not currently enrolled in the CEON program but wishes to participate, information on how to sign up can be found here: “This was only a test of the CEON system,” said Joshua McMillian, chief of the Arkansas Tech Department of Public Safety. “The CEON system allows Arkansas Tech University to notify participating students and employees when emergency situations arise on campus. The Arkansas Tech University Department of Public Safety strongly encourages every member of the Arkansas Tech community to sign up to receive these alerts.”