Arkansas Radio Theatre Announces Partnership

The Arkansas Radio Theatre is partnering with Arkansas Information Reading Services (AIRS) for the Blind to provide artistic works to individuals across the state who are visually impaired.

The Arkansas Radio Theatre, which operates under the Arkansas Tech University Department of Speech, Theatre, and Journalism, is dedicated to audio performances of classic literature and new plays.

Under the partnership, AIRS will broadcast the works on a website, that is available for visually impaired in the state.

“I think that this pairing will prove fruitful,” says David J. Eshelman, assistant professor of speech and founder of the Arkansas Radio Theatre. “Since 2007, we have been creating performances using an audio-only medium. Our recordings are perfect for AIRS. I am grateful to James Moses, associate professor of history, for bringing the Radio Theatre to the attention of this organization.”

The organization has already broadcast one Arkansas Radio Theatre production, and they plan to broadcast eight additional shows.

Learn more about the Department of Speech Theatre and Journalism at Arkansas Tech.