Alumni Provide Breakfast to Students

Arkansas Tech University alumni and friends donated their time during final exams to make sure students had a breakfast meal each morning.

Over the course of several days, more than 40 alumni and friends were on hand to offer refreshments and encouraging words to students taking the final tests.

The alumni taking part were able to provide a breakfast meal and offer words of wisdom to students.

The annual event is a Tech tradition and is organized by the Arkansas Tech Alumni Association.

Below is a list of the Arkansas Tech alumni and friends who served:

  • Ed Moody
  • Johnette Moody
  • Carla Terry
  • Linda Higgins
  • Steve Gann
  • Shirley Dodd
  • Bill Davis
  • Ann Davis
  • Clay Wyllia
  • Niki Possage
  • Victoria Hudson
  • Lisa Price
  • Jacquelyn Sharp
  • John Palmer
  • Jim Murphy
  • Larry Brown
  • Sabrina Billey
  • Sherry Polsgrove
  • Holly Ruth Gale
  • Jayne Jones
  • David Snellings
  • Betty Snellings
  • Sue Chiolino
  • Steve Smith
  • Becky Smith
  • Trish Biggers
  • Areana Lopez
  • Randy Butler
  • Pam Butler
  • Jordan Denton
  • Julie Paladino
  • Randy Horton
  • Susan Self
  • Shaana Escobar
  • Gary Stratton
  • Dot Harris
  • Lindelle Fraser
  • John H. Hawkins
  • Christy Austin
  • Tina Kemp
  • Christina Kreuger