Alumni Board Voting Deadline Today

Today is the deadline for Tech alumni to cast their vote for the 2010 Alumni Board members.  The ballot is on the back of the autumn 2009 issue of the Tech Action (shown left.)  Ballots must be postmarked by today.

Twelve candidates are on this year’s ballot, and alumni are allowed to vote for eight candidates.  The eight candidates with the most votes will be elected to a three-year term.

The board is made up of 24 members, and the board meets several times each year to carry out the roles of the Arkansas Tech University Alumni Association.

The roles of the Alumni Association are to provide a means of fellowship and renewing and continuing associations among alumni, faculty and staff.  The Alumni Association also keeps graduates abreast of the current state of Arkansas Tech; to help make sure the public-at-large understands what the institution is about; to take an active role in helping the institution raise funds from alumni, foundations and other sources; to use political influence where possible and appropriate to the benefit of the institution; and to assist with student recruitment, by recognizing promising young students in their communities and encouraging them to consider Tech.

Alumni support is critical to the future of Arkansas Tech, and as an advisory board, the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Tech Alumni Association (the Alumni Board) has the opportunity and responsibility to lead the effort of greater alumni involvement and increased support for the university.

For more information, email Angela Bonds, director of alumni relations, at