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Advising Center Focused on Serving Students

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 Clarke says her main goal is to make sure the students leave the advising center knowing there is a friendly staff willing to help. “We always try to make certain that our students leave with the assurance that our sole purpose is to assist them in any way we can,” said Clarke.  "Whether it’s scheduling classes, working with them to save a scholarship or just listening to what is going on in their lives that may be impacting their classes, our sole responsibility is to help the students." In addition to Clarke, seven full-time advisors are available to meet with students throughout the year, and nine faculty members assist with advising duties in the summer. The full-time advisors include:

  • Lindsey Ingmire
  • Marika Lederman
  • Cara Knight
  • Phillip Harp
  • Timothy Diffey
  • Jenny Hardin
  • Ann Webb
The faculty members include:
  • Dr. Jason Warnick – Psychology
  • Dr. Ron Tackett – Physics
  • Dr. Lucas Maxwell – Agriculture
  • Nancy Cox – English
  • Dr. Cynthia Jacobs – Biology
  • Dr. Kevin Mason – Management/Marketing
  • Dr. Jim Steuber – Engineering
  • Jan Fletcher – Nursing
  • Linda Jackson – College Student Personnel
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