2010 Alumni Scholarship – Brandon Tabor

Science and creative writing might seem to be very different disciplines, but Brandon Tabor believes that Arkansas Tech offers the right combination of educational opportunities that will allow him to explore two of his primary interests.

“Even though I have aspirations to be both a paleontologist and a writer, it is my desire to combine the two, resulting in a successful career,” said Tabor. “The biology and geology departments can assist me as I study to be a paleontologist, and the creative writing courses at Arkansas Tech can help me to grow as a writer and achieve my additional career goals.”

Tabor was active in the band program at Russellville High School throughout his time there. He was a member of The Black Couch literary magazine staff and the National Honor Society.

Jerri and Kendall Tabor are his parents. Both of them graduated from Arkansas Tech in 1988 — Jerri with a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education; Kendall with a Bachelor of Science degree in music education.