2010-11 Resident Assistants Announced

The Arkansas Tech Office of Residential Life has announced the resident assistants for the 2010-11 academic year.  In all, 68 students will serve as resident assistants in Arkansas Tech’s 14 residence halls.

Resident Director Gabriela Ostria serves on the Resident Assistant Recruitment Committee and says that R.A.’s play an important part in helping students transition to Arkansas Tech.

The resident assistants work with the Office of Residential Life to ensure students living on the campus have educational and personal growth opportunities.

“Studies have shown that students who are involved are more likely to succeed because they are happier with their college experience,” says Ostria.  “It is the R.A.’s job to help students get involved, meet people, pursue their interests and ultimately, succeed.”

Ostria says students who serve as R.A.’s also learn skills that are “transferable into most jobs.”  She adds, “Our R.A.’s gain experience planning events, networking and offering customer service.  Those skills will be beneficial to students after they graduate.”

The following students have been selected to serve–

Baswell Hall:

  • Chad Brewer
  • Jeriad Gumm
  • Amanda Talley
  • William Watts
  • Addison Anderson
  • Lydia Grate
  • Kylee Hansen

Brown Hall:

  • Tyler Ryan
  • Hunter Rogers
  • Erich Washausen
  • Nathaniel Nwachuku
  • Steven Lam
  • Heath Smith

Campus Court:

  • Krisanna Smith
  • Ryan Scherff
  • Ramie Hay
  • Jeff English
  • Seth Fendley

Caraway Hall:

  • Brandy Cunningham
  • Erika Johnson
  • Ashley Taylor
  • Laura Holmes

Critz-Hughes Hall:

  • Chris Terrell
  • Brandon Thompson
  • Zach O’Brien
  • Evan Thacker
  • Ally Trentham
  • Joshua Trigg
  • Kaleena Stinehelfer

Jones Hall:

  • Anna (Jewel) Windsor
  • Cadie Brown
  • LaKeesha Murrill
  • Jordan Lewis
  • Amber Harris
  • Shelbea Genrty

Nutt Hall:

  • Benjamin Dillard
  • Jonathan Caldwell
  • Jacob Crayne
  • Kortney Lockwood
  • Amie Lovass
  • Matthew Parker
  • Taylor Lowrey
  • Lacey Ruminer
  • Ashley Ackerman

Paine Hall:

  • Valan Buccella
  • Drew Mangus
  • Jake Talley
  • Sarah Elmore
  • Nicholas Hannaman
  • Lyndi Mabry

Roush Hall

  • Joel Wineland
  • Joshua Cook
  • Casey Marshall
  • Devon Troedel

Garden Park Apartments:

  • Nicole Foster

South Hall:

  • Paige Reid

Turner Hall:

  • Silas Haney
  • Bobbie Hendron
  • Lyndsey Tindall
  • Hannah Wright
  • Aaron Laughlin
  • Joseph Waterson

University Commons:

  • Scott Covert
  • Jaime Dillon
  • Erica Rutherford

Stadium Suites:

  • Megan Milam
  • Mitch Ross

Wilson Hall:

  • Courtney Alverson
  • Dakota Ricketts
  • Kendra Ellis
  • Jazlynn Wisener
  • Vincent Tran
  • Jack Feng

To find out more about the Office of Residential Life, visit their website.