Tech Love Story: Chi Alpha, Fate and Roommates

When Laura Tidwell got a new roommate at the beginning of her junior year, she didn’t know the connection would lead to meeting her future husband.

Laura brought along her new roommate to a meeting of her campus ministry, Chi Alpha. There, her roommate found a boyfriend. When her roommate’s boyfriend visited the ladies at their residence hall room, he brought along his own roommate, Jason. Immediately, Laura liked him, but she didn’t think he was interested in her. Still, Jason continued to hang out, shoot pool, watch movies, and attend Bible studies as part of their foursome.

One night, ditched by their roommates, Jason walked Laura home from a Chi Alpha meeting. During their conversation, they finally admitted how much they liked each other and began dating soon after.

For their first date, they doubled with their roommates and drove around Russellville to look at Christmas lights. Because they were “broke college kids,” most of their dates were campus events, hiking at Mt. Nebo, and dinner in the cafeteria.

After Laura graduated and moved to Northwest Arkansas, she and Jason kept up a long-distance relationship until he graduated a year and a half later. After that, the two married.

Laura values the time she and Jason spent together during college, and says, “I found my forever love at Arkansas Tech.” They now live in Gravette where Laura works for Life Way Christian School and Jason works for Walmart Home office. They have an 8-year-old son, Jonas, and a labradoodle, Otis.

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