Two Debut Broadcasts on Radio Theatre Schedule

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Arkansas Radio Theatre, an initiative that operates in association with the Arkansas Tech University Department of Communication and Journalism, has announced its spring 2021 schedule.

The series of 10 performances will air on KXRJ 91.9 FM and beginning at 7 p.m. each Saturday from Feb. 20 through April 24.

The spring 2021 Arkansas Radio Theatre schedule is highlighted by two debut broadcasts — “Who Stole the Queen’s Tarts?” on Saturday, Feb. 20, and “The Cryptid Killer” on Saturday, April 3.

“Who Stole the Queen’s Tarts?” is adapted for radio from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” The adaptation was written by Bri DeClue. DeClue is one of seven female writers spotlighted by Arkansas Radio Theatre this spring in celebration of Women’s History Month.

The performance of “Who Stole the Queen’s Tarts?” was directed by Cannon Cobb. DeAngelo Long, Landon Keeling and KatiBeth Westerman are the featured players.

Cobb wrote and directed “The Cryptid Killer,” which includes performances by Long, Joey Scheyder and Jack Button.

Below is the complete spring 2021 Arkansas Radio Theatre schedule:

  • Saturday, Feb. 20: “Who Stole the Queen’s Tarts?”
  • Saturday, Feb. 27: “Who Stole the Queen’s Tarts?” and “Mr. Hound’s Life as a Dog”
  • Saturday, March 6: “Blue and Green and Other Colors”
  • Saturday, March 13: “Lillian Russell’s EntrĂ©e into Show Business”
  • Saturday, March 20: “The Millionaire’s Proposal” and “Trifles”
  • Saturday, March 27: “The Millionaire’s Proposal” and “Trifles”
  • Saturday, April 3: “The Cryptid Killer”
  • Saturday, April 10: “Perps and Vics”
  • Saturday, April 17: “Trees Hate Us”
  • Saturday, April 24: “The Cryptid Killer”

Founded in 2007, Arkansas Radio Theatre is dedicated to audio performances of new plays and adaptations from classic literature.

Archived broadcasts are available for download at Recordings are made available to the visually impaired throughout the state through the Arkansas Information Reading Services (AIRS). Additionally, Arkansas Radio Theatre productions of Rudyard Kipling stories are archived at the Kipling Society’s library in the United Kingdom.

Dr. David J. Eshelman, professor of communication and director of the theatre program at Arkansas Tech, oversees Arkansas Radio Theatre.

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