Severe Weather Alert Days: December 22-23, 2022

Wind Chill Advisories December 2022

The National Weather Service has notified the public that dangerously cold temperatures and winter precipitation will influence the southern plains and Ozark plateau, including portions of Arkansas, on Thursday, Dec. 22, and Friday, Dec. 23.

The Arkansas River Valley, including the Arkansas Tech University campuses in Russellville and Ozark, is included in a wind chill warning. The wind chill in the region will begin to become dangerous during the afternoon hours on Thursday, Dec. 22, and is forecast to go as low as minus-15 in the Arkansas River Valley during the morning hours on Friday, Dec. 23.

Frostibite and hypothermia will be the greatest threats to those who are outdoors during the period of the wind chill warning.

The cold front will also bring the potential for winter precipitation. The forecast calls for less than one inch of snow in the Arkansas River Valley, but higher amounts are possible further north.

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