Severe Weather Alert Days: August 27-28

Rain Forecast August 27-28

The remnants of Hurricane Laura are forecast to pass through the Arkansas River Valley on Thursday, Aug. 27, and Friday, Aug. 28.

The National Weather Service is predicting heavy rain, flash flooding, strong winds and a few small tornadoes in some parts of Arkansas.

The forecast for the region in which ATU is located improved going into the day on Thursday, Aug. 27.

Rainfall amounts at ATU in Russellville are now forecast to range from 2-to-4 inches as opposed to the earlier forecast of 4-to-6 inches. Rainfall amounts at ATU-Ozark Campus are forecast for 2 inches or less.

Forecast maximum wind gusts in the region are for 25-to-30 miles per hour.

In consideration of the safety of librarians, staff and patrons, Ross Pendergraft Library and Technology Center will close at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 27.

Heavy rain may cause Russellville campus parking lots XX, YY, and ZZ, located on the west side of North Glenwood Avenue, to flood.

These parking lots have been barricaded as a precaution.

It is possible that other flood-prone areas on and near the ATU campus in Russellville may experience issues. This includes the intersection of North Arkansas Avenue and West O Street.

Members of the ATU community are reminded to practice caution when encountering flood waters.

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