Pittman Nominated for Nursing Education Award

Lisa Pittman and Randall Boren May 2022
Photographed: Lisa Pittman and Randall Boren.

Lisa Pittman, visiting workforce education faculty of nursing at Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus, was nominated for the 2022 Publishing Concepts Outstanding Nurse Educator Award.

Randall Boren, ATU-Ozark student, nominated Pittman for the honor.

“The fall semester of 2021 was Mrs. Pittman’s first semester at Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus,” wrote Boren in the nomination. “Despite the challenges of becoming an instructor amidst a pandemic, Mrs. Pittman has overcome and adapted to every hurdle along the way. Mrs. Pittman is very knowledgeable and passionate about the nursing career field. She has made it a point to ensure every student succeeds and is provided with the opportunity to not only learn, but to enjoy our time attending ATU-Ozark. Mrs. Pittman has a passion for education, and it shows every day.”

Publishing Concepts Inc. produces more than 25 state nursing magazines and official boards of nursing journals. Pittman is one of 25 nursing instructors across the State of Arkansas to be nominated. She will be recognized for her nomination in the May edition of the ASBN Update magazine as well as the ThinkNurse website (thinknurse.com) and the ThinkNurse Facebook page (facebook.com/ThinkNurse).

Commitment to students and the support and development of the nursing profession are among the factors considered in the award.

“This has definitely been a hard year for me as a new educator,” said Pittman. “I feel like I have learned as much if not more than the students have. I have been in health care for approximately 25 years and this is the first nomination of this type I have ever received. This is the biggest honor of my nursing career. It seems like in every position I have had it has involved some type of teaching and that has always been where my heart was. I have wanted to teach for a very long time and feel like I have found my place. This first RN class and this nomination are both very special to me.”