Nineteen Recent ATU Grads Honored at Homecoming

19 of the Last 9 Honorees 2021
Arkansas Tech University 19 of the Last 9 honorees in attendance for the awards brunch on Saturday, Oct. 23, were: (back row, left-to-right) Molly Coffman, Dustin Parsons, Johnny Sain, Justin Smith, Kenneth Smith, C.J. Engel; (middle row, left-to-right) Dr. Sheila Jacobs, Rebecca Petty, Niall Blasdel, Will Mullen; (front row, left-to-right) Patrick Conrad, Melody Tabor Kwok and Jessica Spicer. Also honored, but unable to attend, were: Autumn Asher BlackDeer, Dylan Edgell, Darlingtina Esiaka, Emily Frazier, Nancy McNew and Bri Riley.

Arkansas Tech University recognized its 19 of the Last 9 award winners during an ATU Homecoming 2021 weekend brunch on Saturday, Oct. 23, at the W.O. Young Building Ballroom.

The 19 of the Last 9 award is named in honor of ATU’s founding year, 1909. It is presented each year to 19 ATU alumni who have graduated within the last nine years.

According to the ATU Alumni Association, criteria for the 19 of the Last 9 award include:

  • Alumnus of the university and graduated with in the last nine years of the award year
  • An emerging leader through profession and/or community achievements
  • Attained increasingly responsible positions within their organization, business or field of work
  • Received recognition for significant professional contributions, discoveries or creative work through honors, awards and/or media attention
  • Served as an outstanding young role model for current and future ATU students

The 2021 recipients of the ATU 19 of the Last 9 award, listed with the class year and major field of study associated with their nomination, are:

Autumn Asher BlackDeer
Class of 2015

Niall Blasdel
Class of 2015
Music Education

Molly Coffman
Class of 2015

Patrick Conrad
Class of 2019
Professional Studies-Information Technology

Dylan Edgell
Class of 2016
Business Administration

C.J. Engel
Class of 2014
Emergency Management

Darlingtina Esiaka
Class of 2014
Psychology (M.S.)

Emily Frazier
Class of 2015
International Studies

Dr. Sheila Jacobs
Class of 2020
School Leadership (Ed.D.)

Melody Tabor Kwok
Class of 2016
Broadcast Journalism

Nancy McNew
Class of 2013
Business Administration

Will Mullen
Class of 2012

Dustin Parsons
Class of 2013
Teaching, Learning and Leadership (M.Ed.)

Rebecca Petty
Class of 2013
Criminal Justice

Bri Riley
Class of 2017
Business Education

Johnny Sain
Class of 2015

Justin Smith
Class of 2019
Mechanical Engineering and Physics

Kenneth Smith
Class of 2014
Biology and Psychology

Jessica Spicer
Class of 2013
History (M.A.)

2021 Homecoming Week: 19 of the Last 9 | 10/23/21