Natural and Health Sciences Presents 2021-22 Awards

2022 Department of Mathematics Award Winners
Dr. Jeanine Myers (right), head of the Arkansas Tech University Department of Mathematics, presented (from left) Kristen Pinkerton, Dana McGee and Faith Walker with ATU's top mathematics student awards for 2021-22.

The Arkansas Tech University College of Natural and Health Sciences hosted an awards convocation at McEver Hall on Friday, April 22.

Listed by department in the order they were announced, below are the awards that were presented during the event.

Department of Biological Sciences

  • Excellence Award in Teaching: Dr. Doug Barron (2021) and Dr. Jorista Garrie (2022)
  • Excellence Award in Service: Cheryl Chaney (2021) and Dr. Melinda Wilkins (2022)
  • Excellence Award in Scholarship: Dr. Jorista Garrie (2021) and Dr. Surya Jyoti Banerjee (2022)
  • Outstanding Biology Student: Kaylee Freeman
  • Outstanding Wildlife Student: Kristen Brown
  • Outstanding Fisheries Student: Ben Johnson
  • Outstanding Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student: Carice Godbey Kimbrell
  • Lake Dardanelle Big Bass Scholarship: Jeffrey Phillips and Lark Sybrant
  • Yell County Wildlife Federation Gary Hodges/Dr. Jim Ed McGee Memorial Scholarship: Kristen Brown, Autumn Henry, Braxlie Strother, Lark Sybrant

Department of Mathematics

  • Outstanding Mathematics Student: Kristen Pinkerton
  • Outstanding Mathematics Education Student: Dana McGee
  • Outstanding Applied Statistics Student: Faith Walker

Department of Physical Sciences

  • Excellence Award in Teaching: Dr. Soumia Amrine
  • Excellence Award in Service: Dr. Mike Davis
  • Excellence Award in Scholarship: Dr. Rajib Choudhury
  • Tracy Wright Endowed Field Camp Scholarship: Ryan Landry
  • Fort Smith Geological Society Scholarship: Alex Bradley and Max Thomas
  • Geology Senior Fellowship: Ollie Smith
  • American Chemical Society Analytical Chemistry Award: Brooke Rainwater
  • American Chemical Society Organic Chemistry Award: Jessica L. Garrett
  • American Chemical Society Physical Chemistry Award: Andres Barboza Pereira
  • American Chemical Society Inorganic Chemistry Award: Hunter Burton
  • Biochemistry Achievement Award: Kaylee Freeman
  • Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Elizabeth Aquilar
  • Outstanding Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award: Brooke Rainwater
  • Dr. David R. Matayo Award (Outstanding Chemistry Student): Jessica L. Garrett
  • Chemistry Senior Fellowship: Jessica L. Garrett
  • Physics Senior Fellowship: Leslie Paul
  • Outstanding Physics Students: Leslie Paul and Seth Williams

College of Natural and Health Sciences Awards Convocation | 4/22/22