Leadership Tech Cohort 4 Projects Approved

Leadership Tech Cohort 4 9-12-2019
File photo from September 2019 of Leadership Tech cohort four.

Members of Leadership Tech cohort four have received approval from the Arkansas Tech University executive council to move forward with their innovation projects during the 2020-21 academic year.

Dr. Mary B. Gunter, chief of staff in the ATU Office of the President and chair of the Leadership Tech governing council, said that executive council provided Leadership Tech cohort four teams with “input to strengthen the partnerships across campus in providing assistance to the teams as they work to accomplish their projects’ end goals.”

Leadership Tech cohort four will continue its curriculum in a virtual environment during the 2020-21 academic year with the expected completion of its innovation projects by April 2021.

Below are details about the Leadership Tech cohort four innovation projects.

Project Title: Jerry’s Playground
Team Members: Meighan Burke, Dr. Judy Cezeaux, Dr. Shelly Daily, Brandie Gibbs, Luke Heffley and Dr. Guolin Yi
Facilitator: Dr. Shellie Hanna
Project Description: The creation of a fun, interactive outdoor area to engage students and encourage them to remain on campus. This space will also provide a well-ventilated area for social gatherings that maintain social distancing regulations during COVID-19.

Project Title: The Tech Outlet
Team Members: Brandye Bisek, Dr. Jeff Bright, Dr. Newton Hilliard, Laura Rudolph and Thomas Strahan
Facilitator: Dr. Gina Kraft
Project Description: The creation of a faculty/staff lounge to address morale and disengagement of employees with the hope of improving employee satisfaction, and therefore, increasing retention.

Project Title: Regalia for All
Team Members: Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Charity Smith, Dr. Jordan Thibodeaux, Brandi Tripp and Karissa Webb
Facilitator: David Spicer
Project Description: Collaboration with Barnes and Nobles’ existing regalia rental services to more effectively communicate resources and provide a more affordable option to students and faculty at both the Russellville and Ozark campuses.

Project Title: Arkansas Tech Advocacy
Team Members: Sara Chronister, Ashley Golleher, Laura Palmer, Dr. Rockie Pederson, Dr. Jason Warnick and Dr. Matthew Young
Facilitator: Dr. Justin Killingsworth
Project Description: To create a web platform and advocacy training program for students, faculty, staff and alumni so that these individuals can work with elected officials on improving Arkansas Tech University, higher education in general and maintaining life-long relationships.

Project Title: Increase Faculty and Staff Retention
Team Members: Pam Cooper, Dr. Michael Davis, Dr. Jorista Garrie, Stacie Harden, Chris Moss and Felisha Weaver
Facilitator: Brent Etzel
Project Description: To gauge employee satisfaction and opportunities that the university can provide faculty and staff additional/better services in order to increase retention and satisfaction.