ATU Theatre Crafts a Film Fit for the Times

Julius Sneezar Title Screen

Students from the Arkansas Tech University theatre program utilized technology and creativity to continue practicing their craft in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic during the spring 2020 semester.

The result is “Julius Sneezar,” a short film based upon William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” that was adapted and directed by Dr. David J. Eshelman, professor of communication and director of the ATU theatre program.

A cast of four students performed and recorded Eshelman’s adaptation individually and in isolation. The video clips were edited together and the finished product has been published to the web for viewing at

Gracie Folks of Harrison performs the role of Julius Sneezar. Myah Cass of Kingman, Ariz. (Brutus), Helen Reece of Clarksville (Cassius) and KatiBeth Westerman of Lonsdale (Soothsayer) also appear on screen.

Miki Dryden of Bentonville developed the settings. Costumes were developed by the performers. Moss Eshelman provides a trumpet fanfare.

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