ATU Research Team Presents at Genetics Conference

ATU Research Team at Genetics Conference April 2022
Photographed (from left-to-right): Dr. Surya Jyoti Banerjee, Raghad Almotairy, Erin Hatcher, Nicolas Jones and Thanh Ha Vy Nguyen.

Arkansas Tech University student researchers Nicolas Jones, Raghad Almotairy, Thanh Ha Vy Nguyen and Erin Hatcher presented their findings at the 63rd annual Drosophila Research Conference in San Diego, Calif., April 6-10.

Operating under the leadership of primary investigator and ATU faculty member Dr. Surya Jyoti Banerjee, Jones, Almotairy, Nguyen and Hatcher studied the genus of flies Drosophila. Better known as fruit flies, the organisms are commonly used in genetic research because up to 75 percent of the genes that cause disease in humans are also found in fruit flies.

The conference was presented by the Genetics Society of America.

“These students were very excited to present their data in front of the leading scientists from around the world for the first time in this conference,” said Banerjee. “This was an excellent opportunity for the ATU students to share their interesting work, to connect with peers and with renowned scientists through which students can build their career in STEM.”

A member of the ATU faculty since 2020, Banerjee holds the faculty rank of assistant professor of biology. He has secured funding for his research from such sources as the National Institutes of Health and the Arkansas Division of Higher Education Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program.

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