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ATU-Ozark’s Adult Education Announces Partnership with Franklin County District Court Judge

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2019 ATU Adult Education faculty prepare for Fall 2019 semester.

The Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus Franklin County Adult Education Center is proud to announce a partnership with Franklin County Judge Christopher Brockett. The development of this partnership is assuredly changing people’s lives.

The ATU-Ozark Adult Education program as a whole is committed to motivating and encouraging students to continue their education and to function as a competent member of society.

In January, when Judge Brockett started his journey as District Court Judge, he vowed to help the citizens of his community and surrounding areas.

He believes in the power of education, which is why he approached ATU-Ozark earlier this year with a life-changing partnership in mind.

Judge Brockett converses with a multitude of area residents each day for a variety of misdemeanors such as speeding tickets, minor brawls, and even public intoxication. The result is often monetary fines, charged to the culprit. If those fines remain unpaid, the result can be jail time.

Many people who stand before him with misdemeanor charges do not have a high school education or skills to help them obtain successful employment. These individuals frequently struggle to pay their debts to the city or county and are often repeat offenders.

Judge Brockett choose to give the fourth option. In addition to paying the debt and community service, or simply going to jail for an allotted amount of time, he chose to offer education at the ATU-Ozark Franklin County Adult Education Center.

Regina Olson, the Director of ATU-Ozark’s Adult Education, stated, “Education has a direct correlation with reduction in recidivism.  We are interested in helping these citizens to overcome their past mistakes, and move on to a better, brighter future.  I am proud that Judge Brockett sees value in our partnership.”

If a person pays off a debt with jail time, they will receive approximately $40 credit every 24 hours in jail. However, if a person chooses to participate in adult education, they would earn $40 credit every 8 hours of study time completed. As a plus, the programs are free to participants. The only requirement is a commitment to learning and completion of the program.

Since the program began, two students have completed the program, graduating with their GEDs and a fresh start to become successful citizens of the community.

ATU-Ozark, ATU Adult Education and Judge Brockett’s dedication to the growth of education is a testament to the endless possibilities for future generations.

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