ATO Mason and Logan Team Wins Wonder Race 2024

Mason Moore and Logan Love Wonder Race 2024 Champions
Mason Moore (left) and Logan Love (right): Wonder Race 2024 champions.

Mason Moore and Logan Love earned the top prize in the 2024 Wonder Race, which took place on the Arkansas Tech University campus in Russellville on Friday.

Competing under the name ATO Mason and Logan, Moore and Love earned $300 by winning the race.

ATU Student Activities Board, which sponsored Wonder Race 2024, stated that the event “combines the elements of teamwork, strategy and quick thinking.”

Additional teams that registered for Wonder Race 2024 were:

  • Pink Couch: Anna Grace Foreman and John Hiland
  • Ragers: Ellie Riddle and Sydney Moore
  • Slightly Below Average: Maggie Murray and Genesis Garay
  • Ballard Squared: Colin Ballard and Breckyn Ballard
  • The Gorlinas: Arrianna Hernandez Donato and Rachel Barnett
  • Just Girls: Sylvie Armstrong and Julia Matteson
  • Team Blue: Dax Driggs and Essynce Norwood

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