ASBTDC Helps ATU Alumnus Launch New Company

Roof Maxx

When Arkansas Tech University alumnus Aaron McGrew and his wife, Rachael, set about the task of opening a new business in early 2020, they sought the advice of the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center (ASBTDC) regional office at ATU.

Ronda Hawkins, ASBTDC regional office director, helped the McGrews assess their cash flow and business planning.

“The most helpful services ASBTDC has provided for us are the one-on-one consulting and resources,” said Rachael McGrew. “Having Ronda available to answer all our questions and guide us through the process has been a tremendous help. We were beyond prepared when we went to the bank.”

As a result, the McGrews are now owners of McGrew Crew Roofing and Construction LLC and they are operating as a Roof Maxx dealer.

“Customers have been excited to learn that there is an alternative to a traditional roof replacement at a fraction of the cost,” said Rachael. “There’s also an environmental aspect of Roof Maxx that is incredibly appealing to a lot of people. With any new product it takes some time to educate the market and gain trust, but Roof Maxx is growing rapidly.”

The business offers an all-natural rejuvenating treatment that can add years to the life of a roof. Roof Maxx’s spray-on, soy-based treatment can help delay replacing shingles for up to five years.

“When we started the process to purchase a Roof Maxx dealership in January, we had no idea COVID was going to hit, and the country was going to shut down,” said Rachael. “As we were going through the purchasing and certification phase in February and March, things began to get pretty serious. By the time we were officially certified at the beginning of April, we had a full-blown pandemic on our hands. However, with more people at home and paying attention to home maintenance and finances, we have full confidence that starting our business was the right thing to do.”

Roof Maxx is located in Fort Smith and serves Sebastian, Crawford, Logan and Franklin counties. To learn more, call (479) 414-6655 or visit or