For the past seven consecutive years, the CollegeNET Social Mobility Index has ranked ATU as the number one school in Arkansas for enhanced post-graduation economic standing.

While every institution of higher learning offers a degree, an education at Arkansas Tech University offers something more than academic achievement. Indisputably, a degree from ATU means more than just a diploma. A degree from ATU means a better life.

As ATU prepares for the next chapter in its history, the goals of tomorrow are driven by the challenges of today. Challenges that we must overcome to fulfill our mission.

“We know that private support of Arkansas Tech University will be more critical now than ever before. Our alumni and friends have been generous, and we will continue to need their help to ensure ATU remains focused on its goal of transforming the lives of our students,”

Jason Geiken, Vice President for Advancement at Arkansas Tech University

Where do we go from here?

Our impact on students can stretch to our communities, our state, our nation, and even the world. At ATU, we’re focused on four ways that we can make a difference in our community:

1. Scholarships

More than 90% of ATU students live in Arkansas. Given the state’s current socioeconomic status, the challenge most ATU students face is funding. By offering focused scholarships, ATU can open doors to enhance recruitment, retainment, and overall experience for students.

  • Arkansas poverty rates are among the nation’s highest.
  • Almost 75% of ATU students require some form as financial aid.
  • While ATU strives to meet the funding needs of every student, current resources just aren’t enough. In 2018-19, 1,800 students did not receive the fubding necessary to launch their college careers.

2. Student Success

With a multi-angled strategy geared toward real-world preparation and fostering a sense of confidence, ATU can position students for success within our community and on the global scale both before and after graduation.

  • Living learning centers foster better student retention.
  • Service-learning and civil engagement develops knowledge and skills to lead.
  • Increased internship opportunities offer hands-on learning experience.
  • Undergrad research challenges students to put their knowledge into practice.
  • A first-generation institute bolsters confidence in and commitment to higher learning.

3. Innovation and Excellence

Collaboration, appreciation, and enlightenment are the goals for our students, faculty, and our community. With increased funding, we can make these goals a reality and elevate ATU.

  • Innovation hubs bring technology, commerce, and communication together under one roof.
  • Retainment and recruitment of high-level instructors is paramount to ATU’s success as an institution.
  • New ideas presented by national and world leaders in creative thought is the key to intellectual development in our students.

4. Student Union / Rec Center

A place to call our own — that’s what a student union/recreation center provides. And it’s not just for current students, but also for those already graduated, those to come, and our faculty and staff as well.

  • ATU lacks a “living room” for fellowship and collaboration across the student body, alumni, and faculty.
  • 68% of college students stated that a university’s recreation center and student union influenced their attendance decision.
  • Studies indicate that the longer a student remains on campus—and in an academic mindset—the greater their chance for academic growth and success. 
  • A student union/recreation center would provide the ATU family a place to both invigorate and rest mind and body.

Let’s get started

Together we can harness this transformative energy of ATU as we continue to empower, create, inspire, and unify generations of students who seek an affordable yet superlative education. Together we can continue to offer more than a degree. Together we can offer a better life.

Together, we can.