Congratulations, you are a high school graduate! You threw your cap and received the diploma. You are ready to take on the next step of your academic career and pursue your degree at a collegiate institution.

The differences between high school and college are vast, but the subtle familiarity of student life will be a comfort on your journey. 

While you begin to imagine your time at a college, it is important to realize the independence and responsibility that you now hold. You are no longer a kid roaming the high school hallways; you are an adult with a passion and purpose. 

1. Get Involved in Student Organizations

The transition from high school to college can be intimidating yet exciting; a phrase that rings true is that “college is what you make of it.” As an incoming freshman, the idea of getting involved on a big campus with hundreds of choices of Registered Student Organizations can be overwhelming, but my suggestion is to dive in headfirst.

Your college years are numbered, and you do not want to get to your final semester and have any regrets regarding your college experience. 

Get involved at ATU

2. Take Advantage of University Resources

Your college becomes your home away from home. Most students became friends with their high school friends when they began elementary school together, but it’s a new playground at college. You are able to reinvent yourself into whoever you dream of being, but it is necessary to develop a support system for your collegiate life.

You no longer have daily access to the regularity of a typical public high school; in college, you make the decisions that will chart the course of your future. A college like Arkansas Tech University provides you the opportunity to achieve success as an individual through the endless amount of resources available. 

3. Take the Opportunity to Re-Invent Yourself

College can be the best years of your life. You will find your people. You will make memories and have experiences that will shape you into the adult you will become. Regardless of your high school experience, college is a second chance. Your life is now being placed in your hands.

Your university will be there to guide you through involvement opportunities, ample resources, people who share your passion, and a community of students aiming for excellence. 

By: Aubrey Reed
Aubrey is a senior Middle-Level Education major from Russellville, Arkansas. She plans to pursue a teaching career in her hometown and obtain a master’s degree in teaching from ATU after graduating with her bachelor’s degree.