Then & Now

A vintage photo shows female students working on type writers in a lofty room with open windows
A vintage photo shows students working on typewriters and adding machines

Much like this shot from a business classroom in 1955 that was captioned as a space “to provide professional training for young men and women seeking positions in business teaching, and to enable them after graduation to advance more rapidly in their chosen fields,” the John & Joie Nutt Trading Lab in Rothwell Hall does just the same in 2018. Students in the Economics & Finance division of the College of Business benefit from the live ticker tape broadcasting the latest reports from the New York Stock Exchange.

In 1955, “the major purpose of the business curricula is to provide students with a well-rounded, general education designed to enrich their private lives and to equip them better to accept civic and social responsibilities.” In 2018, students benefit from an expanded definition of general business education into specialty areas that are preparing them for the market’s modern challenges.

Students work in a high-tech computer lab found in Rothwell