Katie Parsons is an ATU transfer student pursuing a degree in Business Data Analytics and a minor in Mathematics. 

Raised in Dardanelle, Arkansas, Katie wanted to go away for college so she chose a big school far from home. However, the reality of attending a large institution was not as glamorous as she had hoped. 

“I felt like I was just a number, and not really considered a person.”

To exacerbate the issue, Katie struggled with having an advisor who was less than dedicated to helping her succeed. 

“My advising experience at my previous university left a LOT of things to be desired. I was given a degree map and basically told to figure it out on my own.”

Making the choice to transfer is not an easy one or one to be taken lightly. Starting college can be scary and hard the first time but doing it again at a new university? It takes courage. 

Even once Katie made the decision to transfer to ATU, there were additional obstacles to overcome. 

“I transferred at the start of the Spring semester. It was very hard to get involved in the middle of the year. Scholarships were also hard to come by. I didn’t know where to go as a transfer student, in the middle of the year.”

Despite these challenges, Katie pushed through and persevered and it was worth it. 

“Transferring to ATU gave me so many things. The biggest one being a clean slate. The way they transferred my grades over was very beneficial as most of my credits did transfer.”

“I also feel like I found my place.”

“Here at ATU, I’ve never once been on my own with advising. I absolutely love my advisor, Dr. Brown, I know without a doubt that he will help me with whatever questions I have.” 

“The faculty genuinely cares for the students here, and I’ve made so many friends.”

Katie has this advice for anyone reading this who may find themselves in the place she once was, wanting to transfer but afraid to make the jump: 

“I promise it gets better. Just keep your head up and push through the difficult beginning. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help, because someone will help you.

You are more than a number or statistic here, you matter.”

If you are considering transferring to Arkansas Tech and you have questions regarding credit transfers, applying, transfer requirements, and process, or scholarships, we invite you to check out our website or chat with Sabrina Billey, our Transfer Coordinator by email at sbilley@atu.edu or by text at (479) 888-4942.